Sports Injury Imaging in Virginia and Maryland

Sports Imaging Program at RIA

The role of radiology is central to the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from sports-related injuries. A complete and accurate diagnosis is half the cure. Radiologists provide the imaging tools and diagnostics critical to the development of a proper treatment plan and pain management. Timely and targeted treatment enables the fastest recovery.

RIA’s Expertise

  • Sub-specialty trained musculoskeletal radiologists who have years of training and experience in sports medicine imaging, diagnosis and interventions.
  • We work closely with many of the local physicians and pain management specialists treating a range of sports-related injuries.
  • Radiologists are onsite to perform special procedures such as MRI arthrography, bone biopsy, aspirations, and therapeutic medication injections (including facet blocks.)
  • As the provider of imaging services to the Washington Nationals major league baseball club, and to the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs minor league baseball club, RIA has experience with pro and amateur athletes.

Medical imaging equipment used in diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries

  • Open MRI – Highest field strength and most powerful open MRI systems currently available (including dedicated coils for clear and faster imaging!)
  • 3 Tesla MRI – Highest field strength conventional system in clinical practice
  • Specialty MRI coil technology for the highest quality images of small joints
  • Multimodality diagnostic imaging capabilities for image-guided interventional procedures
  • X-ray radiographs and fluoroscopic guidance
  • CT Scan (2D & 3D CT Reconstructions)

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