Pediatric Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging in NoVa & Maryland

We understand the anxiety created when your child requires a diagnostic exam.

Our team of pediatric radiologists and technicians are specifically trained in pediatric imaging. They work with children every day. We strive to provide exceptional care and a calm and comfortable experience for you and your family.

Our outpatient centers are less intimidating than the clinical environment of hospitals, yet we provide the complete range of diagnostic imaging services including MRI and CT for children. With the speed of the newest CT and MRI scanners even small children can usually be successfully scanned without sedation.

We encourage your child to bring along a comforting item and parents are usually able to stay beside your child during most procedures.

Low Dose Radiation

RIA participates in the “Image Gently” campaign, which strives to increase awareness of the opportunities to lower radiation dose in pediatric imaging. Our CT scan protocols have been designed by our radiologists and reviewed by our Radiation Physicists to give your child the least radiation dose possible. Our Centers are accredited by the American College of Radiology and scanners are in compliance with their radiation dose guidelines.  RIA is committed to radiation safety.

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