Mammography and Breast Imaging in Maryland and Virginia

RIA is currently offering Lower Dose 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) at all of our Maryland and Virginia radiology locations.

What is a 3D mammogram?

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray used to detect and evaluate changes in the breast often before the patient has any symptoms.

All of RIA’s private women’s imaging suites, offer Lower Dose 3D Mammography with Computer-aided Detection (CAD) technology as our standard of care.

With “low dose” 3D tomosynthesis, the radiologist can see breast tissue detail in a way never before possible. Fine details are more clearly visible, no longer hidden by the tissue above and below.

What is a Screening Mammogram?

Screening mammograms are for patients with no symptoms or current concerns and are recommended starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health. Women with an immediate family member with breast cancer, should consider beginning screening 10 years prior to that relative’s age at the time of diagnosis but no earlier than age 25 and having their breast cancer risk assessed. Women under 40, who are at higher risk, should discuss with their healthcare provider if they need to start mammograms at an earlier age and/or more frequently. Other imaging studies such as MRI and Ultrasound may also be recommended. Many times, screenings are treated as preventative exams and covered at a 100% by insurance.

What is a Diagnostic Mammogram?

Diagnostic mammograms are needed for anyone experiencing symptoms related to their breasts (e.g., lump, nipple discharge, skin dimpling or changes). Patients with significant risk factors or a diagnosis of breast cancer within the last three years should also have a diagnostic mammogram. Usually these diagnostic exams are treated differently by Insurance companies and often deductibles, co-pays and coinsurances may be applicable. Please check with your insurance provider for specific coverage information.  During a diagnostic mammogram the radiologist will interpret and provide you your results the same day.

How do I prepare?

On the day of your exam do not apply underarm deodorant, powder or lotion from the waist to the neck, underarms or around the breasts. If you must use powder, deodorant or lotions, please let us know before the exam so that we may provide you with wipes to remove it.

Please try to wear a two-piece outfit for your ease of changing and comfort.

If you have had prior mammograms at another institution, you must bring them with you or have them mailed to us one week prior to your appointment. These will be utilized for comparison to your new exam.

What should I expect?

Your mammogram will be performed by a mammography-certified, female technologist, under the direct supervision of one of our board-certified radiologists. The entire appointment usually takes less than 30 minutes

Locations offering Lower Dose 3D Mammography

All RIA offices offer the latest Lower Dose 3D Mammography.

Pembrooke – Waldorf, MD
Heritage – Clinton, MD
Patuxent – Prince Frederick, MD
Sterling, VA
Lansdowne, VA

RIA is pleased to be offering WALK IN Lower Dose 3D Screening Mammography at these location Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm. A doctor’s order for a screening mammogram is required.

Heritage – Clinton, MD
Patuxent – Prince Frederick, MD
Sterling, VA

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How do I make an Appointment?

Please have your physician’s order and insurance card if applicable in hand, and call (877) 504-9729 or click on the request appointment link on this page.

Call us at (877) 504-9729