An MRI Scan becomes a walk in the park.

RIA at Lansdowne Offers Ambient Experience Philips Elition 3T MRI

Child selects movie of choice to watch during their MRI
Patients can choose their own immersive room experience such as a calming beach scene.

It’s no secret. MRI imaging can make patients anxious. But at Radiology Imaging Associates, we believe in providing imaging from the patients’ point of view.

We are first in the area to introduce the new Ambient Experience Philips Elition 3T MRI. Our new 70cm wide bore Ingenia Elition 3.0T MRI delivers extraordinary image quality with shorter scan times and cutting-edge MR imaging techniques for the most challenging clinical situations. The design of our new Ambient MRI suite offers an immersive in-bore audiovisual experience to help calm patients and guide them through exams, enhancing the patient’s MR experience.

Now available at Radiology Imaging Associates at Lansdowne

Weekend and Evening appointments available.

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