Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an Appointment?

Please have your physician’s order and insurance card if applicable in hand and complete this form or call (877) 504-9729.

Do I need appointment for X-rays?

No. We offer walk in x-ray services at all our locations. Please check our Location page for times.

Who do I call if I am unsure of my preps?

Please call the site your appointment is scheduled to be performed.

Is there childcare available during my exam?

Unfortunately, we cannot supervise your children during your imaging study. We believe that you are best served when we can provide 100% of our attention to you. Therefore, we encourage you to make childcare arrangements or to bring a responsible person with you to supervise your children.

What do I need to bring for my appointment?

You must have the following items with you at the time of your visit. Failure to bring these items with you may result in a need to reschedule your imaging procedure.

  • Written referral order(s) from your physician. We must have the signed referral order and/or the authorization form required by your insurance company at the time of your visit.
  • Your insurance card and any co-payment due so that we may submit your insurance claim on your behalf.
  • A photo ID – Please bring a valid form of photo identification such as a driver’s license, military ID, or Alien Status Card from the State Department. RIA is committed to take appropriate steps to verify your identity so that we may safeguard your identity and your financial and personal health information.
  • Workers’ compensation claim or automobile insurance information, if relevant.
  • All related imaging studies performed elsewhere that relate to your visit. For example, prior mammograms (very important), MRI, x-ray, CT, sonography, or other imaging studies. These films and reports allow our radiologist to make comparisons that are necessary for the best interpretation of the new studies.
  • The name and address of any other physician who should receive the report of your imaging examination.

How can I request a copy of my reports and/or images?

RIA offices require 24 hours’ notice to prepare CD’s or films for sign-out by the patient. Please call the site your exam was performed and select option 4 for records release.

It is the policy of RIA to faithfully protect the confidentiality of our patients’ records in compliance with State and Federal regulations, most notably the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).Requests by attorneys for records release shall be handled by Corporate office personnel at (301) 856-6718, or fax requests for release to (301) 856-6599.

Can I pay my bill online?


Click here to pay your bill online

Questions regarding a statement?

If you have any insurance or billing questions, please select one of following options specific to your insurance type to reach a Customer Service advocate.  Dial 301-856-6718, then dial “1” at the prompt, and then enter the extension number.

  • If you have Carefirst Federal insurance – ext. 637
  • For all other Carefirst products – ext. 636
  • For Anthem or Tricare insurance – ext. 635
  • For Medicare – ext. 621
  • For Aetna – ext. 655
  • For Cigna, First Health or PHCS – ext. 659
  • If you have Kaiser or a Medical Assistance insurance – ext. 665
  • If you have United Health Care insurance – ext. 634
  • For all other insurance questions, please dial the main number, 301-856-6718, and press 3 for customer service, then press 1.

What is RIA Identity Protection for Patients?

Call 877-504-9729 for additional inquiries

Important Links

RIA is committed to safeguarding your privacy and identity.  You may find the following links useful:


How will I know RIA’s operating status during inclement weather?

It’s rare that RIA offices are closed during inclement weather. We are usually able to have our radiologists and staff that can perform most types of procedures in the office. You are encouraged to call in advance however, if you have any concern about conditions or wish to confirm. Should one or more of our centers need to close during severe inclement weather, we try to call you. If you haven’t heard from us and wish to verify our status before venturing out, you may call us or check Facebook for office status updates. If we aren’t in the office, you will hear our recorded message for current information

Call us at (877) 504-9729