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RIA physician portal

Free portal provides HIPPA-compliant anywhere, anytime access for mobile and desktop

Once you have registered and been set-up for RIA's Physician Portal, you may log on and receive patient results (images and reports) at:

Physician Portal

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 Report delivery options

RIA is committed to providing referring clinicians and staff with fast and easy access to patient exam reports and images. We offer a variety of options for report delivery, including postal service mail, fax, on-line access and/or electronic interface with your EMR.

​Report delivery via U.S. Postal Service mail is standard, but can be replaced or supplemented with options that work best for you.

​Images are also available via CD. CD Viewing Guide

Patient preps

Many exams require specific preparation prior to arrival at the Center. Please urge your patient to follow instructions carefully to ensure that imaging studies may be performed as scheduled


Patient Exam Preps

Insurance Pre-authorization Service

Our Pre-authorization Specialists are standing by to help. This is a complimentary service
provided to all referring physician’s offices. If you are new to this service, please call  301-856-6718 extension 685 for a details about our service.

Insurance Plan Participation - RIA participates with most major insurance plans. Which includes both Maryland and Virginia plans, or please call if you have concern about our participation or coverage for any particular testing.

Financial Assistance – RIA is committed to serving our communities as well as our referring physicians. To that end, we  provide charity care services. When you identify and confirm a patient in genuine need of any type of radiology testing, including MRI and CT services, who is either financially indigent, without insurance or facing financial hardship, please feel free to contact our imaging centers for further information.

Pre-Authorization Service Assistance Form

Order referral pads/patient handouts

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