Film Release Information


RIA offices require 24 hours advance notice to prepare CD's or films for sign-out by the patient.

It is the policy of RIA to faithfully protect the confidentiality of our patients' records in compliance with State and Federal regulations, most notably the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Protected Health Information, as defined by HIPAA, shall not be disclosed for purposes other than for treatment, payment and/or healthcare operations without patient authorization, or as allowed by law. RIA's Notice of Privacy Practices is provided for your review.

We ask that patients provide us with a list of individuals that may be involved in their circle of care at the time of their visit, or contact us to arrange release of confidential information to others as needed.

When the patient is a minor, except an emancipated minor, RIA requires that the parent or legal guardian sign the record release form.

When someone other than the patient or their guardian wishes to sign out records:

  1. The person must have written authorization signed by the patient which specifically names the person as the recipient. They may use our form, Patient Authorization for Release of Medical Records, or a statement with similar wording, i.e., "I, patient name, authorize the Imaging Center Name (Radiology Imaging Associates) to release to authorized recipient's name the following portions of their records pertaining to me: .... signed,.... dated.
  2. The authorized recipient must present I.D. and sign the release authorization form at our office.
  3. Requests by attorneys for records release shall be handled by Corporate office personnel at (301) 856-6718, or fax requests for release to (301) 856-6599.