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Radiology Imaging Associates is pleased to provide referring physicians and associated office staff with HIPAA compliant online access to patient exam reports and images with Physician Portal.  To enroll in the new RIA Physician Portal, please click on the following hyperlink New Practice Enrollment Form

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access - Mobile and Desktop
  • Your Preferred Methods of Report Delivery
  • Secure HIPAA Compliant Access to Patient Information

RIA wants to assist you, our referring clinicians and office staff, with information and services that are of value to you and your patients.  The following Quick Links are provided for easy enrollment and fast access to information related to our portals.

Once you have registered and been set-up for RIA's Physician Portal, you may log on and receive patient results at

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Legacy Portals: PhysicianLink:

For assistance with the RIA PhysicianLink portal, contact us at Contact PhysicianLink Support.

Images are also available via CD. CD Viewing Guide


Reporting Delivery Options - RIA is committed to providing referring clinicians and staff with fast and easy access to patient exam reports and images. We offer a variety of options for report delivery, including postal service mail, fax, on-line access and/or electronic interface with your EMR.

Report delivery via U.S. Postal Service mail is standard, but can be replaced or supplemented with options that work best for you.

 RIA’s Pre-authorization Services – Many insurance companies will allow RIA to handle your patient’s pre-authorization request. Click here to view RIA's list of insurance companies where we can take care of the pre-authorization process for you . To save your staff valuable time, contact our pre-auth department at 301-856-6718, extension 685, and let us handle this for you!

Procedures by Location

Preparation Instructions - Many exams require specific preparation prior to arrival at the Center. Please urge your patient to follow instructions carefully to ensure that imaging studies may be performed as scheduled.  Preparation instructions are available via this website or by speaking to a scheduling representative.

Items Patients Must Bring - Patients must have the following items with them at the time of their visit. Failure to bring these items may result in a need to reschedule their imaging study.

  • Your written or electronic referral order(s). We must have a signed prescription slip and/or authorization form required by your patient's insurance company.
  • Patient's insurance card and any co-payment due so that we may submit their insurance claim on their behalf.
  • A photo ID
  • Workers' compensation claim or automobile insurance information, if relevant.
  • All related imaging studies performed elsewhere. For example, prior mammograms (very important), MRI, x-ray, CT, sonography, or other imaging studies. These films and reports allow our radiologist to make comparisons that are necessary for the best interpretation of the new studies.
  • The name and address of any other physician who should receive the report of your patient's examination is helpful.

X-Rays and Pregnancy - For women of child bearing age (12-50), all x-ray and CT exams of the abdomen, pelvis and proximal femurs, and all Nuclear Medicine exams are to be scheduled between day one and day fourteen following the start of the menstrual cycle, unless the chance of pregnancy can be excluded, i.e., hysterectomy, tubal ligation, or use of prescription birth control devices.   RIA is committed to radiation safety.

Scheduled Appointment Times - We make every effort to honor scheduled appointment times. To help us avoid service delays, please urge your patients to arrive at their scheduled appointment time or to telephone us in advance if they need to cancel or reschedule their appointment.

Insurance Plan Participation - RIA participates with most major insurance plans. Click on our Accepted Insurances Chart, which includes both Maryland and Virginia plans, or please call if you have concern about our participation or coverage for any particular testing.

Financial Assistance – RIA is committed to serving our communities as well as our referring physicians. To that end, we have and will continue to provide charity care services throughout the year. When you identify and confirm a patient in genuine need of any type of radiology testing, including MRI and CT services, who is either financially indigent and without medical insurance, or facing financial hardship, please feel free to contact our imaging centers. We pride ourselves in turning no one in need away.

Referral Pad Request Forms

Clinical Guidelines Charts and Information

Accreditation - RIA is accredited with the American College of Radiology for MRI, CT, Ultrasound, PET, Nuclear Medicine and Mammography services. 

Contact us – Should you need further help or information, you can email us, or call our corporate office at 301-856-6718.